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Vicci Young, Professional Organizer

“Working with Vicci made organization seem easy. She gently talked me through decluttering and donating, then got me excited about being able to find & store what I chose to keep. I really liked the way she personalized the solutions to my specific needs & desires.”

-Gayle Franks

“Vicci made it fun while at the same time making sure we kept our focus. She understands that we love our stuff and sometimes it is hard to let go! She has a great vision for what a cluttered space can look like. I come home now to a room that is clean, I can find what I need and already scheduled her for the next room!”


“I have high respect and admiration for Vicci and her work. When she tackled the accumulated clutter in my garage and gave me the clearance I wanted and needed, I was most impressed. She doesn’t waste time. She’s efficient. She’s willing to cart away charity donations and she isn’t judgmental when you find there are some, maybe frivolous items you find you cannot part with. I am highly satisfied with all that she accomplished for me, cleaning and organizing in my garage and organizing my bedroom closet.”

-Evenly S.

“Vicci is a wonderful person and organizer. She is motivating and works really hard to achieve YOUR goals. Vicci is a hard worker and makes you want to work hard too. She’s like a really good friend who knows exactly how to find out what you need help with and gets busy doing just that!”

-Kelly D.

“Vicci helped me reorganize my kitchen pantry and business inventory areas. She quickly assessed my problem and saw the solution. She suggested ways to organize items that were taking over my desk drawers and my file cabinets. I was feeling overwhelmed because of the disorganization and that made it difficult to work my home-based business. Now I know right where everything is and my kitchen cabinets are being utilized much better. Vicci is an efficient organizer.”

-Vicki K.

“Vicci with Simply Organized helped me organize and pack for a move. I had so much junk and everything was such a mess and I didn’t want to bring all that with me to my new place. Vicci came and helped me sort through everything, get rid of what I didn’t need and pack everything in such and orderly fashion that unpacking at my new apartment was done in a day. I would very highly recommend Simply Organized if you are looking for someone professional, friendly and hard working to get your home organized and easier to live in.”

-Meag M.

“Vicci did an awesome job working with me! We purged and cleaned and completely organized my desk area, closet and dresser drawers. She was polite, respectful and flexible. I’ve already scheduled her to return for work in my garage.”

-Valerie L.

I choose Vicci over a number of other organizers and couldn’t have been happier with her and what an amazing job she’s done for me. She started the first huge project immediately – I was amazes at how fast and efficient she is. She is a lovely and honest person to work with and always goes above and beyond with each project.


Vicci is a kind & compassionate professional organizer. She isn’t judgmental! She tackles projects with a listening ear and a positive attitude. I highly recommend Vicci!